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As part of the paid plans, you are eligible for a free domain for your eCommerce WebSite. You are the owner of this domain and have the right to transfer the domain to another registrar. DigitalMSME will help you transfer the domain under the following policy and procedure:

  • There is no domain transfer charge.
  • Domain transfer requirements should be sent to info at DigitalMSME dot com
  • All bills and invoices dated prior to the transfer request must have been paid in full before we proceed with the domain transfer.
  • We will send you an authorization code/domain transfer code/domain secret code? that you must forward it to your new domain registrar.
  • Once your new domain registrar processes the domain transfer request, you will get an email alert with an auto-generated link on your registered email address to confirm this domain transfer request.
  • The transfer will take place within five (5)to seven(7) calendar days after you click on the confirmation link.
  • Once we give you the authorization/transfer/secret code, we usually remove its pointer from your eCommerce Store in a few days.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us.

By email: info at DigitalMSME dot com

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